Solution for “Where did i spend my money” 

Recently I have started using this money tracking app 

Better manage your finances Singapore This is the app I’m using to track my money

Reasons why I need a money tracking app 

  1. I am a spendthrift 
  2. I am an emotional spender 
  3. I am unaware of my spending 
  4. I did not have a proper income tracking 

I realised that my finances have been improving since I started using a money tracker app. As I mention in my above reason ,80 % of the time I am someone who just buy things that I like as Long as my bank account have money for me to spend . 

Just like most of the people , I went on holiday twice a year , I don’t buy branded bags and I spend my money on beauty products and clothing etc. 

I am always unaware of what I am spending , I just spend emotionally . 
Until I started using a money tracker app . This really change how I manage my finances . Ever since I started using this,  I manage my finances better now . I am aware of every penny that I spend on . I am very careful of what I am spending on. No more impulse buying 

I am conscious of my spending

Although Money tracking will take some time to get use to the trouble of entering every penny that you spend .

 Trust me , at the end of every month , you will not ask yourself this question :


Just my 2 cents on how I take this small little step to improve on my finances .

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