Affordable Ways to have a fairer skin

Having a fairer skin tone have always been on of my skin whitening obsession , so I always put in extra effort when it comes to whitening . I tried a lot of things etc , whitening injection , whitening pill ,whitening lotion . Most have been quite effective but I normally stop due to Budget .

I realised that having a fairer skin is a habit , lifestyle ,routine . It will required mostly discipline and persistence to achieve and maintain the result .

Below are a list that I do to achieve and maintain fairer skin

1) covered yourself up as much every day even if outside is hot and sunny . Long sleeves top, cardigan , Long dress , Long pant .

2) always use sunscreen on your face and neck , this also prevent skin Aging .

3) use sunscreen on your body that is not covered when you are wearing sleeveless top, short skirt , short dress . Apply sunscreen on your arms , legs

4) this is my secret !!! Always bring an UV umbrella. As Long as there is sun and open space . Even you are crossing the road or short distance always use you umbrella . This have to be an UV umbrella not the normal umbrella .

5) wear a sunscreen on your face even when you are at home . Unless you are in a room with no UV rays entering your room .

6) Vitamin C supplement which is quite cheap

That’s all I can think of now . I really hope my little information on achieving a fair skin can help you in your daily life 😉

Disclaimer: the fairest you can achieve is depend on your base skin tone , which will be the tone you are born with . If you are naturally a darker tone even when you are a baby and over the years you have become darker due to lack of sun protection. The above ways can help you to become fairer . But if you are naturally a darker person and you want to achieve the Korean fair skin . The only way is like what Micheal Jackson did and bleached his skin. I oppose to this kind of whitening method , therefore I will not advise you to go for it .

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