Keeping our mind and body healthy in times of virus outbreak

* Disclaimer: Some of the information here is what I found online and I pick those that I found to be useful and helpful.

I’m staying in Singapore , currently our outbreak alert have raised to orange level as the coronavirus spread further within our country.

After this alert been raised , I can feel the fear of people . Fear makes some people go into defensive and selfish mode , that result in hoarding food , masks , alcohol wipes , toilet paper etc .

Although times like this makes me sad , but these few days keeps me wondering

“isn’t it be best that everyone of us do our best to keep ourselves healthy physically and mentally?”

During times of Coronavirus , we should take good care of ourselves . First with a healthy body , our body can help fight the virus . Second with a healthy mind , we can overcome any challenges.

There are alot of articles online on improving the health of our Mind and Body : here a few which I pick .

Healthy Body : Improve immune system

  • Drink a lot of water : to hydrate and detox the body
  • Green tea : Powerful antioxidants
  • Vitamin C : supplement , fruits
  • Vitamin D : Sunlight
  • Fish oil : supplement
  • Exercise
  • Balance diet : Eat more fruits and vegetables
  • Get plenty of sleep : 8 hours
  • Garlic : some people say 1 clove of garlic with warm water every morning empty stomach. I have not try but think I will give it a try soon .
  • Don’t smoke

Healthy Mind : Having a resilience mentality

  • Meditation: depends on your level , I meditate around 20 mins Everyday
  • Practices Gratitude: every morning name 1 things you are grateful . Eg. “I am grateful that I have a healthy body, Thank you !”
  • Raise your mood : keeping yourself in a positive mood aka feel good eg, doing things you love , listen to your favourite music , things or activities what will makes you feel good and happy .

When you are down with flu virus :

  • Keep your body warm at all times : some researcher found that warm temperatures kill infection faster.

(There is a old remedy which I always use when I have flu/cold. I will cover myself with blanket and make myself sweat , as always after I sweat I feel a lot better . )

It is better you see a doctor if your fever last for more than 3 days or increasing towards 39.4 C (103 F)

  • Drink plenty of water : eg. warm water , hot green tea etc
  • Balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables
  • Stay in non-aircon , well ventilated room
  • A lot of rest at home
  • See doctor

Reduce spreading of virus :

  • Practice good personal hygiene : Wash hands with soap often or hand sanitizer (60-95% alcohol concentration)
  • Use independent , well-ventilated room
  • Use separate bathroom
  • Separate meals and dishes
  • Separate laundry and blankets
  • Avoid touching your face with unwashed hands
  • Avoid crowded area
  • Wear masks when you are sick
  • Sanitize household objects – item you touch Everyday eg. Doorknob , remote control, jugs handle , keyboards , handles etc
  • Social distancing (1m apart)
  • Air purifier (With these features : Ultraviolet light , Silver-infused HEPA Filter or Heat Sterilisation)

Hope you find something helpful and let us work together to overcome this challenge together 💪🏻

Thank you for your time ❤️