Pls read before you use Minoxidil for hair loss

I have been losing my hair for a few months , therefore I decide to go see a doctor at our national skin centre so that I can prevent further hair loss .

The doctor prescribed Growell Minoxidil 2%

I am warned about the side effect of this product like itchiness , redness etc . So I decided to just buy one bottle to try first in case I have any side effect .

Minoxidil for hair loss treatment

Minoxidil for hair loss treatment

Lucky enough , I don’t have any side effects . I continue to use , until today I went for my hair treatment with a hair specialist (Trichologist).

I am quite surprise when the trichologist advise me to stop using Minoxidil , as some of his client who have stop using Minoxidil have even worst hair loss after they stop using it and no amount of hair treatment can solve it . He said that people who start using Minoxidil have to use it for lifetime or else once the person stop Minoxidil, their hair loss will be worst than before .

This really scare me , but I am also quite sceptical regarding his remarks on Minoxidil. So I did my research , I search online for side effects after stopping Minoxidil , all the responses I read online are people who stop using are shedding more hair than before they use it and continue to shed a lot of hairs for a few months. I am so damn pissed with the doctors who advise and prescribe this solution to me .

For me , I feel that my hair loss condition is not that serious , I went to see a doctor because I wanted to prevent further hair loss . Once my hair loss stop ,I will stop this Minoxidil treatment . To my horror , this can’t be stop if you are using it for a very long time . If I have know that there is this side effect or dependency on this drug, I would not have started it in the first place . The doctor did not told me that this is for Long term and I can’t stop.

I am glad that I only had been using it for a month and I really hope that it is still early to stop using this. I also pray that my hair will not shed that much . I am looking at others ways to slow or prevent further hair loss in a more natural and more gentle way.

I really wanted people to do more research before they start using Minoxidil , use this as a last solution after you really try all the ways and you know that you are fine with using it for your whole life .

I hope my story really help some of you who intended to start using Minoxidil for hair loss .

Thank you for reading !!

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