Just my thoughts on Covid-19 crisis

I’m a Singaporean , our government is doing a lot to help our country people . Some people still keep complaining that it is not enough . I feel sad when I see people with negative remarks online despite our government already trying very hard to help . Nobody wanted this crisis . Because of this crisis it makes us realised how unprepared we are.

People panic , people complain , people blame , people angry .

Does doing all these help our country , economy or environment to become better ? All these negative thoughts does not help us. Negative thoughts doesn’t even benefit the Collective Consciousness of the Universe

What is Collective Consciousness?

Collective consciousness, collective conscience, or collective conscious (French : conscience collective) is the set of shared beliefs, ideas, and moral attitudes which operate as a unifying force within society


Every thought that we put out is a vibration

As a famous theory “Thoughts are Things” . Most people can feel when a person is a good person or bad person.

Be aware of what we are thinking

Whatever fearful , angry thoughts that we send out , our people will also feel this vibration of these negative thoughts if the vibrational frequency is aligned. People who function in a Low vibrational frequency will experience most of all these negative feelings . Do take note that it might not be your thoughts , this feeling and thoughts might be from the collective consciousness . Don’t blame everything to yourself if you realized that you are thinking and behaving negatively. Just make sure that you are aware and next time behave a more positive way and send out more positive thoughts to the universe .

The Government plays a very important role in this Crisis

I understand that this is a very tough period for All human in Earth . I understand that most people need to pay their loan , debt , put food on the table . I hope that bank will not be so inhuman to ask people to pay their loan and debt during this period

I am very proud of being a Singaporean, this crisis show me the effort that our government did to reduce panic and worry .

Our supermarket was once empty due to people panic buying , but our government step in to set limitation for the purchase . Currently most of the people are working from home . Although our country is not in a lockdown , our shopping Malls are quite empty now . Most people only go out to buy food or groceries. Social distancing is our current rule , the maximum number of people in a group is limit to 10 . Fines are imposed if we do not imply to the social distancing rule .

We should also do our part

Because our government work with banks and companies to lesser our burden abit . All these kind action should be appreciated, not keep complaining that government did not give us enough .

Proper Financial Planning

If most people have a proper financial planning, they should have at least 3-6 months of income in their bank or not at least 3-6 months expenses in their bank . How many people do that ? Saving for the raining day . Now , it is a stormy day . People are complaining because government is not doing enough for them ? Or they choose to spend all these money on material stuff but did not put aside money for raining days .

Stay at home

It will be good if your company allows you to work from home . Working from home reduce social interaction , therefore reducing spreading by a carrier who don’t have any symptoms. Only go out if you need to buy food or groceries. Even after classes , just straight head home if possible . I know life will be very boring during this period , but remember it is just temporary. The sooner we embrace all these lifestyle changes , the faster we stop this virus from spreading insanely. Above all , also avoid crowded places and Long queues .

Be a Responsible person

People who have old parents at home , be responsible as not to catch the virus and spread to them . For those healthy people this virus will be quite mild to us , but for the vulnerable weak and old people , this will cause them their life .

If you still need to work or your job is a service industry where working from home is impossible (eg, Uber , Grab ,hotel , hospital , Property Agent , Insurance Agent etc) . Try to implement social distancing at home and don’t share food . If possible don’t share toilet .


Thank you for spending time to read my thoughts , sorry for the grammar , my English not that good πŸ˜‚

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