Be Selfless and Responsible, wear a mask when out !

COVID-19 virus is spread through small droplets when we talk , sneeze or cough . This virus can be spread by someone who doesn’t not have any symptoms (known as ASYMPTOMATIC)

Imagine , when you go to buy your food or groceries, those people who THINK that they are well , goes to the supermarket , take public transport , living life as normal still continue to spread the virus to other people unknowingly.

People who choose not to wear a mask when going outside is being irresponsible to themselves and to others . This is a very selfish and stupid attitude.

First , these people are inviting openly the virus into their body by not wearing a mask to protect themselves . Giving the virus the chance to enter their lungs when they breath .

Second , by wearing a mask , you being a responsible and kind person who is protecting others from you in case you are one of the asymptotic people . This is a very selfless act .

Third , those people who choose not to wear a mask when outside , are selfish people who only think about themselves , they do not give a thought about THOSE PEOPLE WHO IS LIVING WITH THEM (e.g. their parents and their children )

Result have show that wearing a mask , no matter is a cloth mask or surgical mask , these can reduce the amount of small droplets when someone cough or sneeze . By having lesser little small droplets in the air from the infected person who is wearing a mask , isn’t it the best way to reduce the virus from spreading from one person to another .

Even when a person talks , there are little droplets in the air . Imagine a cashier or your friend who is asymptotic talking to you and you choose not to wear a mask , goes home and spread the virus to your parents and your children.

I can understand the frustration , we are all in this together . By being selfless and responsible, this crisis will be controlled faster and we will be able to go back to our normal life if everyone do their part. If people continue to be selfish and irresponsible, I don’t see the Economy will recovers any time sooner . Think of the Long term , with everyone being a responsible citizen , business will open and it is safe .

If everyone is not being responsible and choose to still work and open business , imagine the Long term damage is way much more serious than this short term “gain” .

I’m sure that everyone is sensible and responsible . Any mask is good as Long as it will cover the mouth and nose .

Cloth mask, surgical mask ,wear a mask,protect yourself and your family
This cute mask on top is a 2 layer cloth mask sewed by my mum , below is just a normal surgical mask .

Thank you for taking your time to read my post . Really appreciate 🙏🏻

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