AFC Collagen Beauty Supplement

** All the product I reviewed in my blog are not sponsored **

I have been on all sorts of beauty supplements for more than 15 years now . Started since I’m 21 . Last year , I reviewed Itoh Skinlift Collagen Drink. This is still one of my favourite collagen drink.

Recently during covid-19 lock down , I started AFC Collagen Beauty Supplement . Just happened that my aunt bought 1 packet for me . Since I already stop drinking Itoh Skinlift Collagen Drink , I decided to give this a try.

Unlike the Itoh Skinlift Collagen Drink which have 12,000mg collagen content, AFC Collagen Beauty supplement each caplet contains only 260mg of collagen content. Every night I will take 3 caplets (780mg) before sleep . I start taking this because I finished using most of my skincare product and I can’t get my skincare products due to the lock down . So I just take this for replacement for my skincare products. So far , my skin is great , even I stop using my normal skincare products. I don’t really see any visible signs of skin age .**Blessed**.

Do take note that each of our skin are different. I might only need to take 3 caplets every night . But for some of you might need to take 6 caplets . Don’t expect this to be a miracle supplement, I assure you it will not. This can only be as a supplement for maintenance aka might slow down signs of skin ageing . If you really want to revert ageing skin , you should consult an aesthetic doctor .

Each caplet contains 260mg of collagen

You will be able to get this at Watson @ $32.40 . 1 pack contains 270 caplets which last me for 3 months. This is a very good and affordable price point to start for those who wants to start maintaining their skin and slow down the signs of ageing .

** I just started a new website for crystal and stones healing more towards cultivating the inner beauty , hope you will drop by to visit when you free . Thank you ! ( )

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