Utterly DISAPPOINTED with How Facebook treat Business Account User

Many people spends thousands of dollars on Facebook marketing , I felt that Facebook should treat business account user better and give us a better platform or services to contact in event there is any problems arise.

Everything is useless , if your customer support sucks , it’s really a disappointment and I have lose faith in their platforms. What is the point of putting so much marketing budget in this kind of platforms if their customer supports sucks.

Who earns the most through all these marketing budget ? It’s Facebook and Instagram . But we , business user who is the one providing business to Facebook is being taken for granted for. When there is problem, there is no way to be found for help support.

Facebook is very good at support which help business owner to improve their advertisement and they will troubleshoot why your ads are not effective , But …. this is their way to make us put in more money into their marketing tool.

There is a saying , during good times all the “Good friends” will be around you to get benefits from you. However , during a person bad time all these so call “Good friends” will be no where to be found .

This is how I felt when My whole Facebook business account , my business page was hacked and till now it is still not yet solve , my account is still active . Because of not having a direct help support from Facebook , I find all sorts of ways , through there feedback , their security team email , their report problem box etc just so that I have a way to get them to contact me.

It is super frustrating that There is no direct or efficient ways to contact their support team and it is like a maze . I have to google search for hours just to look for a “seemingly ” working way to contact their support team and I am not sure even it is the right team to contact.

Anyway , I am just a plankton in the big ocean , it’s normal that they ignore me. Those big company , their ego is so high that they lost their human touch and it’s all about making money. Most of the business owner make Facebook as their core marketing platform , it is their bread and butter , I cannot imagine how these owner would feel when their account is hacked, I’m sure they will be devastated as hell.

I hope Facebook will learn from Amazon , which I encounter before , their customer service is really good ! Although i only spend hundreds on Amazon yearly , their customer support is fast and they handle the customer problem efficiently, which will also call the customer even if the customer is an overseas customers. I am very impressed with Amazon Customer Service.

Where else Business User of Facebook are spending ten thousand on their platform for marketing, Facebook cannot even provide us with a decent help support platform.

My ranting here will not be of any impact on this big company. They have a mentally that no matter what people will still use their platform because it is already deeply rooted in the lifestyle and monopolised.

Enough of my ranting and thank you for reading :)

Where is the Umbrella , when it is really raining ?

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