Itoh Skinlift Collagen Drink

I am using this for a few months already , so it is time for me to do a review .

  • Do take note that i am not sponsored to write this review . I am just a normal lady who love to try beauty supplement. 

I love to try beauty supplement since i was in my twenties , maybe that is the reason i don’t look like my age.

This collagen drink have 12,000 mg of low-molecular collagen , meaning that it is more easily absorb into our body. Normally what i see in the market are mostly 10,000mg .

Currently Singapore Watson and Guardian is selling at $55 for 13 bottles (Promotion Price and extra 3 bottles free . Therefore total 13 bottles)

My opinion on drinking collagen drink :
1) Slow down skin aging

2) Firmer Skin

3) Somehow give your skin a glow the next day after drinking

4) I feel that as we age , our collagen production slows down ,this drink will help our body to boost collagen production

5) Taste good ( i have tried the Blackmores Collagen drink , does not taste as good as Itoh Skinlift Collagen Drink)

I feel that in order for all beauty supplement to really take effect , we have to continue to use for around 6 months in order to see the result . Result for each individual is different .

In total i have bought 3 boxes of Itoh Skinlift Collagen drink .
One Box have 10 bottles
Total numbers of bottles : 36 bottles (30 bottles plus 6 free bottles)

As instructed by the salesperson ,
1) For the first 10 bottles : I have to drink everyday
2) The next 10 bottles : Alternate days
3) After that for Maintenance : 1 bottle every week

I will continue to drink collagen drink as a form of slowing down skin aging . This will be part of my anti aging skin routine.

Always remember that beauty supplement is not miracle pill.  Just because you are using it , does not mean that you will see fantastic result . Never in my life i came across any of such supplement .

Treat beauty supplement as a form of beauty routine , you will only know that all the effort you have put in does have result when you reach your thirties . When all your classmates look older than you , then you will realized that all your effort is worth it !

if you have skin allergy to seafood or other medical condition .  I think it will be better for you to seek for your doctor advise before starting this .

Thank you for taking time to read my post . Hope this can help you 🙂

collagen drink

Itoh skinlift Collagen Drink 12,000 mg

** I just started a new website for crystal and stones healing more towards cultivating the inner beauty , hope you will drop by to visit when you free . Thank you ! ( )

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