My thoughts on Intermittent Fasting

I am a normal 36 year old woman who is very much concern about my weight and outlook . Whenever my weight hit over 50 kg. I will find ways to lose weight . My height is 1.55m , I know I consider acceptable weight , this is woman ! Ha ha

I started intermittent fasting way back in April 2018 . I am someone who do not have a habit of eating breakfast , normally my first meal is around 12-1pm . Therefore going into intermittent fasting is quite easy for me .

I am a very lazy person , I don’t like to exercise. I know it is unhealthy , I am trying to start exercising in 2019 (😝) . The weight that I lose is purely through adjusting my eating time and the food that I eat .

Total I lose around 5kg in 6 months through fasting . For some people might lose more weight , it all depend on individual body type.

But Chinese New Year and my Egypt trip make me gain 2 kg back . Since I already in intermittent fasting for so long , my body now can just take 1 meal a day and I will not feel hungry . My weight return back to 45kg around 2 weeks .

How I fast ?

My eating window is 6-8 hours . This eating window you can eat whatever you want . For lunch , It will be better to be a balanced and full meal with a mixture of protein and vegetables. I do indulge in my favourite fried chicken.

For starter you can just eat whatever you want because as you are used to fasting , you will automatically want to give your body healthy food .

What I love about intermittent fasting is I can eat anything I want for my first meal , there is no restriction on food . You can snacks , have coffee breaks , high tea etc .

I am quite strict for my dinner , normally my dinner only consist of fishball and vegetable soup . Mostly vegetables for my dinner . Therefore it is important that lunch should be a meal where you will be full after eating .

Normally , my first meal will be at around 2pm . I woke up at 9-10am have 2 glasses of warm water . My dinner will be around 8pm . After that no meal or no eating for me .

I fast around 16-18 hrs .

Feeling hungry at late night is normal , you will get use to it.

There is a lot of articles on the benefits of fasting , you can go Google to do more research before you start your fasting journey .

*** I will not advise people who have medical conditions or gastric problem to fast. ***

I hope my thoughts will provide some helpful insights.

Thank you for reading !!

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