The Forgotten Loner

Today , as usual I was doing my cold calling . This man who is in his 50s say that he have no family , no friends , no relatives in Singapore .

His main concern he ask me whether I could answer his question is that : if he was bed ridden or whatever who will be the one to handle all his care giving and finances . I never come across someone who do not have any trusted close people around.

I live in a world surrounded by my loved ones , in my world I never knew this kind of situation will exist in Singapore.

I do read up in a Japanese article that more and more people die in their house alone without anybody knowing is call Lonely Death . Loneliness is a serious problem in Japan . This makes me ponder 🤔

What leading all these people to become in this state ?

Certain people prefer to be alone , but some percentage of the people are more extreme. Maybe due to life experience, they don’t trust people and prefer to be alone . But overtime this kind become a toxin habits of separating oneself from the socially.

For me I feel that , character and mindset is the hardest things to change . Having supporting family and friends are important in life. It is sad to feel a person who is lonely , there is always anger , sadness, desperation etc.

Most of the time i think , loneliness is a choice and these people who make the choice to be alone should bear with the consequences of being a loner and not making effort to improve oneself

if this is not a choice. Blaming people who cannot be trusted , first should look into the mirror and ask oneself can this person in the mirror be trusted ?

Often these emotional and trauma problems are often deeply embedded that we ourselves does not even realised that we are doing these actions to destroy ourselves.

Deep awareness of oneself is the solution to loneliness .

In the end , I am still not able to give this person my answer . I just tell him he can go mix with people who is similar with his situation and form a group to look out for each other .

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