How to get Authentic Reasonable price Anello bag in Singapore and Japan 

authentic reasonable anello bag singapore Japan Osaka umeda Tokyu hands

Finally got myself a Anello bag !!!! 

This post is for people who are interested to purchase an authentic reasonable price Anello bag In Singapore . 

I have been looking around for this bag for quite some time online and in shopping centre and I found that there are a lot of fake Anello bag online and in the market . I found the fake ones at Bedok centre , the material are obviously different from the real one. Some of the authentic bag where I found is the shopping centre like Tampines One and City Link’s shop sold at around $99 . 

Lucky that I did not buy from these two places. I am so glad that I found this place that sell the Authentic ones at cheaper rate.

 I got my bag at $67 !!!!

I have no doubt about the authenticity. You can assure that you got the real ones . 

authentic reasonable anello bag singapore Tokyu Hands orchard central Japan Osaka umeda

I brought my bag at Tokyu Hands Singapore located at Orchard Central 

Address:  181 Orchard Road #B1-07 Orchard Central Singapore 238896

This place is a gem !!! Selling Japan stuff from cosmetics , bag, skincare, beauty product .

authentic reasonable anello bag singapore Japan Osaka Tokyu Hands Umeda Osaka

This is my bag . Love it !!

 Actually I am going to Japan beginning of November, I was thinking of getting this bag in Japan since it originated from Japan . But what I research online is that :


I will be Super sad if I got a fake Anello bag in Japan !!!!

So to play safe , when I saw this bag at Tokyu Hands , I knew that I Want to get this if the price is reasonable .

 I had checked online , the price of a smaller version bag is 4860¥  = $64.80 SGD

There is not much different in price , I might as well get this bag in Singapore to save me the trouble of looking around in Japan. Of course there are more designs available in Japan 

Anello Bag Japan Website

I mention to the sale person my concern that if I go Japan buy this bag , I might end up with a fake one . This friendly salesman tell me that the real one have these 3 tags and if the price is half the price you see on the website , it is comfirm fake . But take note that there are bad seller who sell same price for a fake one. So take note of the material of the product .

Anello Bag tag authentic Japan Osaka Tokyu hands Umeda Singapore

I upload this photo so that you can bring this photo around to compare to the tags on the bag. 

This is really a good buy , so happy that I found it .

I shall end my post here .Thanks for reading . Hope you got yourself an authentic Anello bag. Good Luck!!!


07 Dec 2016

A lot of people have been asking about my bag . I just came back from Japan last month . Anyone who wanted to buy Authentic Anello bag in Japan Osaka , go to Tokyu hands at Umeda store (JR Osaka station) 

Below is the address and information 

Tokyu Hands Umeda

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