Heaty in the body

Have been sick since Friday . Symptoms started discomfort in my throat . I have been eating goji berry lately because of the health benefit of it . But not everybody can eat this superfood . I don’t really think I ate a lot of it, just 10 small goji berries with warm water for 3 days and I am down with My body being super heaty . 

I know most of you people who read my journal might not be an Asian . So I try my best to explain further what is Heaty in the body mean to me . I am not a Chinese doctor or whatever doctor . 

When a person eat too much food that produce “Heat” example fried food, grilled food , chocolate , some herbal soup , potato chips , red dates , goji berries etc . Our body will become “heat up” because of the intake of these food. Different people have different body constitution. 

When our body is heaty , symptoms such as Sore throat , fever and headache occured . I had a very bad bad headache these few days . I already stop eating Panadol for years . For years whenever I have my first symptoms of cold, flu or fever , I will eat my Chinese medicine “Bo Ji Wan” this is my holy grail for medicine . I had not taken antibiotics for years . I just survive with this Chinese medicine whenever I need a cure for my cold , flu or fever . 

This is the picture of it 

This time round my headache is killing me and I have no choice but to take Panadol for pain relief. But I only took 4 pills in total only when I really can’t take the pain . I drink a lot a lot of water every day to keep my body hydrated.  Normally to remove the heaty in my body , i will take this Chinese medicine accompany with other natural remedies to cure my sore throat . Like honey and warm honey lemon water. 

Today the fifth day of my Strep throat , I just have some itch in my throat . At night it tend to be worse , so I will drink some water whenever I feel my throat is itchy to moisture it . It is better to prevent it before this lead to a really serious cough. 

I shall end my journal here , Hope I can get better Tommorrow so that I can eat a lot of food  for my Malaysia trip tomorrow 

Thanks for reading my journal , really appreciate:)

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