What to wear : winter -20 degree

I have been to alot of countries during winter and I can say that I am good at layering my winter clothes from 0 to -20 or more .

I will give you information on what to wear and where to buy winter clothing in Singapore

I shall go straight to the point now.

1. First layer (Base layer)

Get a good 100% merino wool thermal top and pant .

I had mine 8 years ago a set cost around $150 , it is totally worth every penny. This is an essential in my luggage bag when I travel in Spring/Autumn/Winter season ( Temperature vary from 15 to -30 degree)

I bought it at Novena Square a hiking winter shop . Last heard from my boss a set sell around $200-$250 now . If you have Friend staying in Australia or New Zealand you can ask them to get you one , will be cheaper than Singapore .

Japan thermal are cheap and good too . If you are going Japan , you can get them at their local department store .

2. Second layer

Top: Fleece or wool sweater

You can get that a Uniqlo . If it’s cold outside -20 degree or more , I will layer my wool sweater first and my fleece jacket . Always wear thinnest material first .

Fleece winter snow clothes wear

Bottom : Thick leggings with fur inside for man and woman

You can get the top and bottom . You can get that in Taobao ( cheaper) or OG

Fleece winter snow clothes wear

3. Third layer

For this layer you can wear your thick sweater . Any thick sweater will do .

4. Fourth Layer (Outer Layer)

Get a good thick outer layer with goose feather ( the higher percentage better) and water resistant.

As for bottom , get a water resistant pant if can inside goose feather .

You can get a good Outer at Uniqlo or wintertimes or varies winter shop or Taobao

Fleece winter snow clothes wear coat boot

5. Socks and Winter Snow Boots

Pls get a good winter snow boots with fur inside . you can get a good and cheap one at Taobao. Pls take note that the sole of your boots it’s better to get a thick one . The thicker the sole , the distance between the ground and the feet is further . If can, buy a fur insole also. Sock better to get a wool thick socks. For my shoes , I bought 4 size bigger .

Fleece winter snow clothes wear coat boot Fleece winter snow clothes wear coat boot

6: Normal Winter Gears

Lastly , Ear muff , winter hat , gloves , mouth/nose cover , scarf , sunglasses and heat pack

Note ** it’s hard to be pretty during such a cold winter . Just keep yourself warm 😉 and have fun

Fleece winter snow clothes wear coat boot

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