Are We Woman Self Sacrificial?

All these are my thoughts and views on the above topic , do comment on my instagram post if you have further feedback and I can learn more you πŸ™‚

What got me started writing this post is because one of my girlfriends posted a comic of a husband leaving his wife (Housewife) because the wife become old and ugly after taking care of the family all these years . At the end of that comic the creator put this quote “The woman is beautiful when she is loved.”

To me , this quote is only partially true. We are constantly looking for outside validations (from husband , bf, friends , parents , siblings , boss etc) , but how come we never look inside of ourselves and ask “do we really love ourselves first?”

This is my quote :

“A Woman is Beautiful When She Loves Herself”

We are taught and conditioned since young that we have to give and unconsciously leading us to self-sacrificial.

Our mother era sacrifice their education and life to look after their siblings and helping the parents to look after the shop.

Our era , we sacrifice our life , our passion , our career to “take care” of our husband ,children , parents , parents in laws , siblings and boyfriend.

The meaning of sacrifice : “give up (something valued) for the sake of other considerations.”

Most of the time what do we really give up ? OURSELVES

We lost touch with our inner most core and we seek love outside , instead of finding love from within ourselves. We seek for outside validations and love , no amount of this kind of validations and love will ever fill us up . Therefore , we are constantly thinking/ feeling there is something missing and we don’t know what is missing.

The more we seek for love outside , the more unhappy we become. Fights, arguments , disagreement always end up with “How much you give and how much you will get”

I always feel we woman sacrifice too much and along the way , we lost ourselves. Life become so meaningless and boring. We lost our light , our passion and our desire because our daily life eroded us to become who we became today.

When we start going inside of ourselves and starts loving ourselves deep within . The self sacrificial traits will starts to disappear and we will be happier.

I myself went through this , seeking validations and love from the outside . But few years ago , I started taking my power back and start giving myself more love. Everyday is a choice of loving myself more and constantly not sacrificing myself for others. By doing this , I can give freely without asking anything in return. Anyway , I am still a human not a saint , conditional love is still always my default mode , but I try to be aware of that .

Thats just my journey of self exploration . I am more interested in hearing your own journey and experiences . So that we can learn and grow with each other . Do drop me a text πŸ˜‰

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