Access Nintendo eShop in Singapore (Countries that does not have Nintendo eShop)

It took me awhile to search the best way to access Nintendo Switch eShop in Singapore. This should also works for other countries which does not have access to Nintendo eShop.

I tried the changing the region to countries which have eShop in my Nintendo Switch Oled , but still not working . So I decided to write this as I am sure a lot of people will have this problem too in Singapore or other countries who does not have access to eShop.

This is the method I used and it works.

I will guide you through the following steps

Go to Nintendo website

  1. Login or Create an account

2. After you have Login , Go to your profile

3. Go to Settings

4. Select User Info

5. Select Profile

6. Change the Region to whichever region that have Nintendo eShop. Once you selected the region and the time zone, save your settings. Go back to your Nintendo Switch Console and go to eShop. it should have work , if you link your account properly and using the SAME EMAIL.

Hope this guide will help you to access Nintendo eShop in your region 🙂

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