Online Dating : How to Spot an Internet love scammer

Beware of internet love scam as this is increasing in Singapore.

I really despise human who use in the name of love to cheat those woman who truly want to find their “Other Half”

I am writing this to warn woman to be careful in the online dating world .

Of course there are cases where internet dating is successful and the people really got married . My Brother was one of the few who found love in the internet and married .

There are also signs where this man is sincere and not a scammer . I might write an article in future “Online Dating : Signs he is Sincere”

Whenever I heard stories from my friends that she just know XX man and he say he want to have a future with her , the moment I heard the stories , I know it is a love scam and often I will be angry and tell them straight that this person is fake.

How to Spot those internet love scammer ?

There will always be a very good looking online profile picture , successful , good income . It’s the man who most of the woman dream of marrying to.

Most of the time not working in Singapore .. might be working in somewhere

What the Love Scammer will do ?

1) Sweet talk the woman the following :

-He will call you Everyday , just to prove that he is sincere about you

-often a very caring , understanding, good listener

The time frame for the following action is normally around few weeks to few months just to gain your trust.

-He will call you dear , honey , baby , darling

– talks about your future with him

-He wants to marry you or a long term relationship with you

-He wants to have kids with you

– will discuss where you two want to stay after married

-will discuss to you about the married life of you two , Mother in law issue etc

– will discuss how many kids you two want

-where you want to send the kids to which school to who will look after the kids

– He will paint a very beautiful picture of a family that most woman wish for

2) He will send you his photo , give you his Facebook account and any other account just to prove that he is real .

(But the only way to prove that the person is real is by meeting up with him and maybe video chat )

If he really loves you like what he say to you .. he will fly from any part of the world just to date with you .

3) always MIA (Missing in Action)

– can’t be found for days or weeks , doesn’t reply to text msg and when back say “he is busy”

What the Love Scammer will not do ?

1) Video Chat with you

-They will never video chat you even you request , they will give excuses that they too busy or they forgot and apologise .

2) Have a real Date with you

-They will give excuses like that they are busy and can’t meet you up . The meet up will drag for weeks to months just to keep hanging the woman.

I do have a feeling that some lonely guys who are not confident with themselves , will use fake identity and made up stories about their fake successful self just to spend their lonely hours with the woman they are befriending online.

Online is a place where the ego love to hunt . It is ego boasting .

If you have Friend who also encounter this .. pls advise them . Although they are not in a good place to listen to us , at least one day our constant persistence reminder and nagging will woke them up to reality someday .

Thank you for reading up .

I might set up an image gallery to upload those fake profile picture that the love scammer uses .

Who knows u might be in the photo list .

Just be aware .

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